Proper Footwear For Job Site Visits

Image of Thorogood Wellington Work Boots
My Work Boots

Over the last thirty years as a premier national owner/tenant representative “suit and tie” project manager I’ve sacrificed numerous slacks, jackets and shoes on job site visits to the unseen piece of razor sharp metal that just happens to reach out and grab for expensive clothing.  I’m sharing what I’ve learned so our clients can avoid the feeling of loss that comes from putting a big gash in your favorite Italian leather dress shoes or your brand new Christian Louboutin pumps.

Firstly, jobsites are dirty, dusty, wet, muddy, slippery and down right disgustingly filthy. Secondly, jobsites may have hazardous changes in grade and elevation. Thirdly, they also have things that can cut, scratch, poke and penetrate (like stepping on a nail). So wearing proper footwear on your next job site visit can save you from a lot of pain and suffering.  

My suggestion is to keep an old pair of closed toe leather hiking boots and a pair of socks in your car the whole time your project is under construction. The popular mesh style hikers do not suffice because they are easily penetrated and afford little if any protection. Other items you will need are a hard hat, high visibility vest and safety glasses but those are another story.

If you really want to do it right,  get a pair of Thorogood Wellington work boots (pictured) They are full leather, made in the good ‘ol USA and are as tough as nails.  When I wore a tool pouch and swung a 22 oz. claw hammer in the early years, I had a great pair of Red Wings.  But, I’d say my pair of Thorogoods are much better and more comfortable.  I bought mine online from  Midwest Boots (here’s the link Thorogood Wellington work boots) for about 180 bucks.  I picked up a bottle of Nikwax leather conditioner & waterproofer from REI and applied three coats over a period of a week.  I also put a really nice pair of insoles in my Wellingtons. You will also need a nice thick pair of socks. One last tip…..break them in slowly. Put them on for 15-20 minutes and wear them around the house. Don’t put them on right away and go walk a site unless you want to nurse blisters and raw ankles for the next week.

In conclusion, take a little insight from an old hand. This is one lesson no one wants to learn the hard way. If you need a project manager detailed enough to care about client footwear you need Hoover Projects Inc. Website Link Call today 214-349-4136 or Email today. Hoover Projects: Building For Business!

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