Our services are customized to address the unique requirements of each assignment.  Your project is as unique as your business.  Your goals are as unique as yourself.  We respect those realities and work hard to assure our service offerings are customized to provide the very best fit to each client need. Our services: Project Management, Construction Management, Design-Build, Site Selection, Build To Suit, Tenant Advocacy.

Build To Suit

Our Build To Suit service approach takes our client’s exact requirements into consideration and we develop a unique program around those goals and objectives.  The client may wish to own or to lease the real estate.  Either is possible in this approach.  We can arrange everything including finding the perfect location, assembling the best team of consultants, contractors and realtors, leading the design team, sourcing equity and finance.  We lead the entire process from start to finish.


Design-Build is a project approach which has been widely embraced across the industry in the last several decades.  Its popularity continues to increase due in large part to the results it tends to achieve.  We refer to this approach as “Integrated Project Delivery” and have been able to realize phenomenal results in production timelines, fit & finish, accountability and budget metrics.  This is our favorite project approach.

Project Management

Provide comprehensive executive level leadership of project principals using Hoover Projects Protocols over the entire duration of the project development process. This is the service to select if you require a proven single point of control over your entire project.  Generally, we see to it that all the bases are covered and hold your prime vendors accountable for their contract commitments. We really shine in this role. 

Site Selection

Selecting the right site for your new business home is critically important and will have a dramatic and long lasting impact on your bottom line.  There are many things to consider when selecting your site and it all begins with us understanding your business, your customers, your employees and your (near, mid, long) term goals. In addition to simple access or ease of access, we also take volumetrics of consumption into account. 

Tenant Advocacy

Tenant Advocacy is a project related service offered in support of the Tenant in a commercial lease improvement situation. A friendly Landlord is always a good thing.  But, its naive to misinterpret friendliness for fiduciary responsibility.  The Landlord or Landlord Representative is responsible only to their stakeholders, of which the Tenant is not one. The Tenant is ultimately responsible, directly or indirectly, to pay for the project spending required on the Tenant Improvements in every commercial or industrial real estate lease.