Tenant Advocacy

Tenant Advocacy is a project related service offered in support of the Tenant in a commercial lease improvement situation. A friendly Landlord is always a good thing.  But, its naive to misinterpret friendliness for fiduciary responsibility.  The Landlord or Landlord Representative is responsible only to their stakeholders, of which the Tenant is not one. The Tenant is ultimately responsible, directly or indirectly, to pay for the project spending required on the Tenant Improvements in every commercial or industrial real estate lease. Even if the spending is baked into the lease rate, the wise Tenant will still want to have expert representation at the table.  The time to learn poker is not when you’re paying to play. Tenants serious about protecting their best interests always retain an independent third party project management expert un-associated with the lease transaction, independent from the parties to the lease, independent from the parties involved in lease negotiations, independent from commissions, compensated solely and directly from the Tenant and responsible only to the Tenant. Any other approach leaves the Tenant financially exposed to the decision making of other parties whose loyalties reside elsewhere.  If you’re looking to lease space, this is the service for you.